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Andrea Gibson, Hey Galaxy Tour
Neon Jungle Daydream
Eaux Claires Music Festival
Op Art Psychedelia
The Fatty Acids
Ric Wilson
Hello Death
Gypsy Confetti Daydream
Neon Tropicalia
Arte Para Todos 2017 | Anodyne
Full Moon Karaoke + Variety Show
Be Visible - PPWI
Alive + Fine Takes a Trip
AMFM Maskerade
Arte Para Todos 2017 | The Backroom
Neon Abstract Galaxy for Little Scream at Cactus Club
Queen Tut
Lorde Fredd33
Arte Para Todos 2016
Bizarro Jungle for Shannon and the Clams
Golden Gala | WebsterX
Cait + Matt
5th Annual Holiday Hip Hop Show
Underneath the Same Nite Sky
Nothing Lasts Forever
Missing You
Thinking of You
Always Remember Your 1st True Love